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The urban landscape can be beautiful, even if you don't have alot of space! If your property is measured in inches instead of acres, hangs out over the street, or
is squeezed in between narrow buildings, you can still enjoy a lovely garden!

Girasol works closely with you in picking plants and pottery to beautify your balcony. We can help you choose statuary, decor, and furniture to personalize your patio, even find a fountain for your fence! 

Alexandria, VA

Patio Corner with herbs, and
though you can't see it, the big 
lion head vase holds a grape vine

Adams Morgan, DC

Corner garden with painted
ceramic frog, dwarf maple,
and colorful eclectic pottery

Potomac, MD

The blue hexagonall pot set in
the corner of this patio & border
garden adds dimension and color
to this big back yard

Downtown, DC

Overlooking Pensylvania Ave this
rooftop garden changes with the seasons!

Dupont Circle, DC

Backyard patio at the Portsmouth Apts.
with assorted flowers and a fire-pot

Downtown, DC

Detail of container garden on
balcony, in bloom

Great Falls, VA

Mosaic table and wall sconce with
antique cement pot and living
floral arrangements

Columbia Heights, DC

Patio, organic container garden
and rock fountain

Dupont Circle, DC

Wild organic garden with
classical cement flower pots
bordering small front patio

Takoma Park, MD

This 6'x12' porch has a pond with waterfall, colorful pottery with herbs and flowers and a mexican
tiled table with matching chairs