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Girasol understands every project has a special set of requirements, and we enjoy creating distinct landscapes for the individual personalities of our clients.  

Each landscape project is defined in a free initial consultation at your property, resulting in an estimate for services and materials. Upon acceptance of the estimate, a 50% deposit is required to initiate work.

Changes and availability of materials during the project, affect final cost. Balance for all work accomplished is due upon receipt of final invoice.

We welcome you to view examples of our work:

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Design Service: Girasol provides a free initial visit and written estimate incorporating items suited to your garden and personal preference. Design Pricing is included in intitial estimate. Plan sketches are available at additional cost.  

Landscape Installation & Removal: Girasol  supplies all items incorporated into the design for use in the landscape. Placement of new plants, hardscape materials, removal and/or re-planting of existing trees and shrubs are standard.  We remove all debris when complete.

Hardscape: Girasol supervises specialty subcontractors for major landscaping services requiring the use of heavy machinery such as grading or mounding, tree removal; labor intensive specialty services such as brick, stone patio or flagstone placement; and irrigation, lighting or other specialty systems.

Maintenance & Clean Up: Girasol provides customized maintanence programs to fit our clients needs. Generally we recommend a spring and fall clean up (providing you water your plants regularly!). Established landscapes are maintained through a regular pruning, fertilizing, watering, pest control, and other general care as needed.  

Mulching: All mulched areas are replenished once a year during the spring (April) with natural mulch. Additional mulch, if required is billed when applied. Mulch will not be placed against tree trunks.

Pruning:  Shrubs are pruned by hand as needed to ensure proper informal shape, fullness, and bloom. Tree pruning will be done once per year and is limited to branches below twelve (12) feet high. No trees, under utility lines will be pruned and no pruning will be done during or immediately following growth flushes.  Girasol will remove all litter.

Pest Control:  Girasol practices Integrated Pest Management (I.P.M.) to control insects, diseases and weeds on and around perennials, shrubs, vines, and trees. We monitor and spot treat as needed using least toxic methods. 

Service Performance: Girasol will use its expertise and best effort to complete all services. Quality management and supervision of personnel, supplies, equipment, subcontractors, and materials will be administered by Girasol. Upon completion of each visit to the property, Girasol is responsible for clean up of the work-area.